Nature Cool™ Glas-Pad Specifications
The media shall be glass fiber evaporative cooling and humidification media, as provided by Nature Cool™ and shall be corrugated with a 5mm or 7mm flute height as per product type, in a cross-fluted configuration to ensure a self cleaning operation. Media shall be constructed from a self-supporting, impregnated 50 gram basis weight glass fiber substrate, to give high absorbency and protection against the degradation effects of water and air. The media shall be engineered to assure even air flow through flutes arranged at 15, 45 or a combination angle thereof to horizontal. The cross-fluted design shall be both self cleaning and prevent biological and clogging degradation.

The saturation effectiveness and media depth available shall be in accordance with what is listed on the appropriate performance curve.

A 1”- 3” thick water distribution pad shall be optionally available to ensure even water distribution over the top of the media. It shall be constructed of the same material as that of the evaporative cooling and humidification media. A synthetic coating shall be applied to the top and bottom edges of the distribution pad in order to reduce water erosion and aid in cleaning.

As required, the media shall include a synthetic coating applied to the air entering side of the pad. It shall have a depth of approximately one-half inch.

The supplier shall supply a two (2) year warranty that the media will be free from defects in materials and workmanship commencing from the date of shipment. This is provided that the media is installed and maintained according to the manufactures written instructions. This includes but is not limited to algae control, water chemistry, and proper installation.

Media manufactured from random pattern materials such as aspen wood, horse hair, glass wool, or other synthetic materials shall not be accepted.

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